• Client: Indigenomics Institute for Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)
  • Year: 2021 - 2023

How to reimagine the Government of Canada’s Indigenous economic development program evaluation? 

Design for worldviews.

Embrace global Indigenous life that integrates authentic, lived experience and cultural voices to reimagine the Government of Canada’s economic development program evaluation philosophy and process.


Working with the Indigenomics Institute, under the leadership of Carol Anne Hilton, and in partnership with the Government of Canada’s Indigenous Services Canada (ISC),  DECIDIUM was part of a diverse Indigenous led interdisciplinary and cultural team who reimagined how federal Indigenous economic development programs are evaluated.  Team included experts and academics in sociology, performance measurement and evaluation, financial program evaluation, economic well-being, communications, and design, working together to embrace and create a new, bold Indigenous worldview of economic development program evaluation.

DECIDIUM embraced learned and lived Indigenous experience to design a LEGO Serious Play (LSP) experience that integrated Google Jamboard technology, on February 6 and 7th, 2023, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Participants included leaders and members of Indigenous communities across Canada, Indigenomics team members and representatives of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).  The design session solidified a new Indigenous worldview perspective applied to Government of Canada Indigenous economic program evaluation, with the potential for further applications across the Government of Canada’s operations across all departments and agencies.

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“When I first walked in and saw the LEGOs, I was ready to walk out. Being so busy, I felt my time was critical. But with Carolina, being my exceptional friend, I opened up my mind to a new learning curve by learning something different. What I learned from the LEGO construction is that we benefit from constructing both mental and real models of what we experience. It definitely wasn’t what I expected, but something more. And I highly recommend it.”

Rose Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Bayside Corporation
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“Decidium did an incredible job of taking a complex, intimidating topic, and breaking it down into bit sized pieces, while awakening the creative side of the participants. It was a valuable medium as these heavy and important topics can often be challenging to move through. At the end of Chrystia’s process myself and the other participants looked back to see many stories and solutions come out of the blocks, and we also looked back to see relationships and connections were made along the way. This process is a great way to collaboratively face sticky problems while using your mind, hands, and heart.”

Sofia Vitalis, Partner, Reciprocal Consulting
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