IN 2024

  • Client: CANARIE
  • Year: 2019

How to engage CANARIE’s Board of Directors to boldly invent the future organization in 2024?

Design for invention.

Create a dynamic, challenging & creative experience using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) to build aspirational models of CANARIE 2024.  Integrate NUREVA Span™ custom digital collaborative canvas to digitally record and share the experience in real-time.


CANARIE supports science & technology by delivering digital infrastructure through Canada’s National Research and Education Network using an ultra-high speed network connecting Canada’s researchers, educators & innovators to each other, and to global data, technology, & international colleagues.

The project used LEGO® bricks to challenge CANARIE Board members to build personal and group 3-dimensional models that depict current policy & organizational challenges. After sharing insights about the current state of CANARIE, Board members constructed individual and shared group LEGO® models representing the future state of CANARIE in 2024.  LEGO® model images were captured on smartphones & posted on a custom created NUREVA Span™ canvas.  Board insights for CANARIE’s future focused on mission, operations, partners, funding, governance and scaling impact.


“During a time of significant change within our landscape, Chrystia’s approach enabled the CANARIE Board to quickly drill down into the relevant issues and come to a common understanding of the strategies needed to navigate a path to better support our community.”

Dr Eddy Campbell, Chair of the Board of Directors, CANARIE
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