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DECIDIUM is allied with STORYLINE Associates – an organization currently applying for charitable tax status from the Government of Canada.  This alliance is designed to support social impact initiatives that reflect & embody STORYLINE’s mission, values & activities.

STORYLINE’s mission is “to create a culturally diverse and inclusive society whose citizens equitably co-create what it needs to thrive and sustain itself in the post pandemic new normal“.

STORYLINE’s activities are pursued for Canadians by Canadians, First Peoples, First Citizens and with international collaborators to accelerate the transition to a culturally diverse and inclusive society through four main levers:  (1) community health, nutrition & wellbeing; (2) infrastructure; (3) culture, inclusive of language, heritage & the arts; and (4) commerce.   Horizontal integration will be achieved through holistic design thinking embedding principles practices in the following three areas:  (1) sustainability; (2) safety; and (3) security.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we co-create an original way of doing social impact business.


“Stories help us make sense of the world. They connect us at our very core. Through stories, we communicate how to act toward one another, what we value and what is possible. It is with this intent that STORYLINE’s social purpose has become its business imperative. Our pivot in Covid-19 is to become a registered charity in order to fund benevolent activities. Our belief is that in providing resources and guidance, people are ingenious in figuring out how to succeed at a scale to achieve desired social impacts.”

Connie Delisle, Founder, STORYLINE Associates